Production site

Production Site

New Snacks Warehouse
Multi-head packaging machine
Aromatizer Drum

We produce innovative snacks, thanks to our top-of-the-line equipment, located in Almese, Italy.

The state-of-the-art production technology is based on the starch expansion, as is the case for popcorn, but we use potato starch instead corn starch.

The high temperature (around 300°C) e high pressure expand the potato starch: the outcome is not-fried crunchy potato chips.

To date the cycles per minute make it possible to have a production capacity of nearly 2 million units per year.

However, the production line has been designed to be modular and it can produce 5 million units per year.

The drum gives us the opportunity to salt and flavor the snacks evenly.

The modern multi-head packaging machine guarantees the packaging in a controlled atmosphere.