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Our products are delevolped and sold under two brands: PoPtato and Beanny Chips.



We manufactures organic snacks, mixing selected raw materials in order to have the best product plus and meet the market demands.

Poptato Fibre, Poptato Classic, Poptato Protein, Poptato Herbs, Poptato Tomato and Paprika, Poptato Lemon and Pepper.

Beanny Chips Classic, Beanny chips Protein, Beanny Chips fibre, Beanny chips Herbs, Beanny chips Tomato and Paprika, Beanny chips Lemon and Pepper.


Snack vegan, gluten-free, high protein, high-fibre, never fried, organic, 80% less fat.

PoPtato Chips Classic
PoPtato Chips  flavore Tomato and Paprika
PoPtato chips flavored Lemon and Pepper
PoPtato Protein
PoPtato Chips EVO
PoPtato Chips Title
PoPtato chips flavoredwith Herbs
Beanny Chips
PoPtato Chips


Gluten free





80% less fat

Beanny Chips Fibre
Beanny Chips flavored with Herbs
Beanny Chips flavored lemon and pepper
Beanny Chips Classic
Beanny Chips Protein
Beanny Chips title
Beanny Chips flavored Tomato and Paprika